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"Chad and Cindie,

Just a quick email to let you know I will be leaving the Trustees' office on Friday, February 2nd. I am not going far, just down the block to Day Hall.

The purpose of the note is to thank both of you for always providing me with outstanding service and friendliness - I truly appreciated all that you have done for me - you made me look smarter than what I am.

Thank you again!"

Katherine P. Karakantas
Administrative Assistant V
Board of Trustees - Cornell University


"Thank you Cornell Digital Print Services for such great work. Chad always gets a quote to us quickly, and the prices are reasonable. They work with our Technical Editors each fall via e-mail and telephone to produce more than 1,000 copies of our Income Tax School publication. They also produce over 2,000 copies of our brochure and registration form which includes printing, stuffing, and folding. The entire team is a pleasure to work with. They help to make our event a success."

Faye S. Butts, Program Aide II
Department of Applied Economics and Management


"When we needed several hundred publications printed recently, all the printers were quoting 3-4 weeks turnaround. We gave Chad and Digital Services Crew the job as they could turn it around in a matter of days as opposed to weeks. The prices were reasonable, and the quality was a bonus, we were quite pleased all around at the professional look and crisp photos. The publications Chad and the Digital Services Team printed are the best looking out of all the ones of this nature we did this year. Great Job!"

Adam Davis
The Resource Center, Cornell Cooperative Extension


"As a graphic designer, it's a pleasure working with Chad and Cindie at Cornell Digital Print Services. I've worked with them to produce posters, booklets, brochures, postcards and more. On many of these occasions, with the project deadline looming, their attention to detail, professional knowledge and terrific communication has helped in getting the job done right and on time. Whenever I need copy work or color digital work, I go to Cornell Digital Print Services first."

Christopher J. Kelly, Graphic Designer
AAD Marketing and Communications


"I wanted to write to let you know what an outstanding job your staff did to meet our needs with the huge copy job that was recently completed at the Dryden Rd. location for our department.  I'm not sure of all the names, but I know Chad and Sara were mentioned.  We wanted to especially thank them but also anyone else that may have been involved.  The documentation is prepared every three years for the site visit and this year went very smooth compared to the last time, in a large part due to your willingness to be so accommodating.  We were able to drop off and pick up materials in a timely manner to keep pace with assembling.  Your staff worked with efficiency and professionalism and we very much appreciate all of their efforts on our behalf.

The documentation was mailed out on Friday by Federal Express and we heard that it was received in the AAALAC office this morning, so we met the deadline!  We could not have done it without you and your staff.  Would you please thank all those who had a part in bringing this about."

Pat Swartout


"Cornell Digital Print Services are a great group to work with.  You can't beat the service and quality that Chad, Sarah, Cindy, and Bill provide.  They pick up and deliver things quickly, even on short notice, while providing excellent professional customer service!

All of our copying/printing is sent to the Cornell Digital Print Shop!"

Dairy Management/PRO-DAIRY Office
Department of Animal Science


"The Division of Planning and Budget relies on Cornell Digital Print Services to produce the University's financial plan documents, which are presented to the Board of Trustees and distributed to Cornell's academic and administrative leadership. Our requirements are: a high quality product, attention to detail, and a "turn-on-the dime" response. We get all three from the Digital Services production team, and we are very pleased with their willingness to help us, as clients, achieve our goals."

Michael L. Whalen


"I recently started using the Cornell Digital Print Services, and I love them! They have great prices and the service speed and quality are exceptional. Sending jobs is easy and I would highly recommend utilizing their services."

Nicole Augustine
Gannett Health Promotion


"Cornell Digital Print Services prints 12 publications and 2 conference brochures annually for us. The people at the print shop are a pleasure to work with. They are always customer-oriented and strive to meet deadlines. The cost is reasonable compared to other quotes I have received from vendors in the area."

Linda Putnam


"Even though the Cornell Northeast Regional Office is 400 miles away from Ithaca, we rely on the fabulous services of Cornell Digital Print Services. The price and quality are great, the customer service is unbeatable and the turnaround time is super speedy!"

Shara Freeman '02


"I wanted to thank you and everyone involved with these programs. I am truly appreciative of the quick turn around and great work."

Kim Cotton
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering


"In dealing with Cornell Digital Print Services in general, and Chad O'Shea in particular, it has not been just "business as usual." In addition to providing all the quality service you would expect, Chad has gone over and above expectations. When I've had peculiar problems with my newsletters, Chad was always willing to troubleshoot and offer advice. He made software recommendations that have helped to keep me current with emerging technology. When a miscommunication occurred that may have meant certain doom in completing a project on time, Chad stepped in and not only made sure the project was completed on time, but hand-delivered it. For me, Cornell Digital Print Services has consistently delivered a quality product at a competitive price with excellent customer service."

Linda Schmidt


"The CBS team is amazing! They're skilled at working with those of us who have limited design and print knowledge but who are still expected to turn around first rate projects. I appreciate the special care they take to handle my (often complex) requests and to deliver quality product on schedule. As a result, I find I'm sending fewer and fewer projects to off-campus vendors."

Jennifer Austin
Gannett Health Services


"Just wanted to let you know that we loved how the invitations came out. Thanks again for all your help!"

Judy Starr
Engineering Admissions


"It's beautiful, you're beautiful!  Go ahead and print it.  Thank you so much for all the great work you have done for us these past few weeks, I really appreciate it."

Mary G. Van Winkle


"The reports turned out perfect! Thanks so much for the super-quick turnaround."

Caitlin Schryver


"Thank you again Chad, I appreciate your high level of customer service."

Lisa M. K'Bedford, '96 , Assistant Dean of Students
New Student Programs


"At Digital Services you are more than just a number. You feel as if you are their only customer. The staff makes your print order a top priority every time!"

Deb Earl-Alumni Affairs


“I was recently able to work with Cornell Digital Print Services for the first time and was very impressed with the skill, speed and attention given to my project. Cornell Digital Print Services was easy to work with, and very cost efficient. I would highly recommend them to others.”

Clara Hatcher
Alumni Affairs & Development
College of Veterinary Medicine






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