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Storage Services


If you are looking for long-term and secure storage of all your documents and would like to be able to access them through the Internet, we have the solutions for you.

The management of data repositories is our specialty. By using our systems you can search, easily retrieve, view and print your documents as needed from any location by just using a web browser.

Space at Cornell is a precious commodity, so clear out your cabinets and enjoy the convenience of having your documents at hand.

The advantages of using our long-term storage solution:

  • If you choose you have no hardware or software investment, just use our leasing option
  • We are a Cornell owned entity, we deal with confidential data and documents all the time
  • If needed, we'll provide you with full technical support and training
  • Secure your data, you decide who has access to your documents when and where
  • Easy accessibility, by using a web browser you can access your documents anywhere
  • We back-up our data daily, if you chose we'll provide you with additional back-up via CD or DVD

If you are interested, please email us at:





Cornell University Print Services, 695 Dryden Road, Ithaca, New York 14850
607.255.2524 - - fax: 607.255.4319

Fully owned & operated by Cornell University; revenue
supports university operations, facilities & programming.

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